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Speak with an expert to see what options are available for your tax problems and how we can help resolve it. Schedule a consultation and let’s discuss how we’ll effectively resolve your tax matter and walk with you every step of the way to resolution.

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Federal & State Income Tax Filing

Our unique process consists of an all-virtual workspace. Once you book a virtual tax appointment, you will be added to our client portal. In the client portal you will answer your tax questionnaire, after the questionnaire, you can upload all documents to the client portal. Our office will review and prepare your return with 4-5 business days. (Wait time can exceed 14 business days during active tax season). You will receive a video review explaining your return. If any missing items are needed, our office will open a request for them in the portal. Please familiarize yourself with our communication policy, being that our office is appointment only our communication is very different for other offices.

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Tax Resolution & Amended Taxes

Our unique process consists of an all-virtual workspace. The tax resolution process is much different than original filing. Tax resolution at our office consists of three steps.

Phase 1: Discovery and Analysis

This phase begins once client has paid retainer, signed contract and POA forms. During this phase, we will contact the IRS on your behalf, pulling your tax records and provide a detail report of the issue and set an action plan.

Phase 2: Compliance

his step begins after the second $500 installment payment is made; we then assist in getting your IRS tax account back into compliance. This does not include offer in settlements or compromise.

Phase 3: Resolution

This step begins with the final $500 instalment payment. We provide any needed changes, additions and corrections to finalize the clients tax records.

We do not guarantee removals of any existing liens, balances due or any other audit process. What we do guarantee is being your IRS trained representative to get you the correct and balanced file with the IRS. No two cases are alike, and result may vary. Corrections and audits can take up to 18 months or 4-6 weeks. There is no way to gage a specific time frame. Special case can take years. Please familiarize yourself with the our communication and case updating policies.

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Tax Refunds

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Please allow up to 24 hours after filing.

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